One of our key drivers to establish the MMAD brand will be to sponsor up and coming fighters in major MMA and BJJ leagues.

The Fighter Pay Opportunity

If you're into MMA, you have probably heard that MMA fighter pay is a large topic of discussion and debate. Currently, you can be a top ranked fighter in the largest MMA leagues in the world and still not make ridiculous amounts of money as one would believe. This is where we see our opportunity.
In sports like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, many world champions make a living from running a gym, giving seminars, sponsorships, or selling instructional videos. It's known in the community that it's not a sport where there's a lot of money; however, it's quickly growing and becoming increasingly popular around the world.
MMAD is eager to find many of these champions, some that are making their transition to MMA, and collaborate to get them proper sponsorships that will be mutually beneficial.
Sponsoring these fighters will allow MMAD to be seen on streams, PPV, and TV by millions of fans around the world - giving a level of exposure to the brand and the space very few times seen before.