Sensei News

Briefly described, MMA Republic News will be our online content creation and marketing branch.

Closing The Gap

With the growth of PPV streaming, we're focused on building an online presence that goes beyond the NFT ecosystem that continues to bring interest from fight sports' fans that traditionally consume content from web 2 and make them part of our community in web 3.

The Online Publisher

All our founders have backgrounds in either social media marketing, audience growth, or branding, while also managing large teams.
To briefly describe what MMA Republic News is, it will constitute digital content creation in the form of articles, short and long form videos, newsletters, and social media content.
We will go over the current state of MMA leagues, latest news, upcoming fights, training tips, and things of that nature. We're looking to muster a community that will continue to grow our brand outside of the NFT space. We believe this is an important area to create a truly sustainable ecosystem and business.
Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter will be outlets where we will grow, maintain, and manage a community of MMA and BJJ fans always looking to stay up to date and learn.