The Rewards

This page briefly describes the rewards that you will be able to exchange for your $OSS tokens.

On-Chain Rewards

One of the default value-propositions found in projects in Solana, is the ability for users to exchange their tokens for tickets in a raffle or participate in auctions. This is will an added component to $OSS, only to provide a fun way for users to interact with other communities without it being its main utility.


You will be able to accumulate your $OSS tokens in order to upgrade your Monkey and get access to upgrade-exclusive perks such as:
  • NFT-Gated Shopping Pages
  • Increase in $OSS Emissions
  • Guaranteed Access to Generation 2
  • Mint Generation 2 with $OSS

Off-Chain Rewards

You will be able to exchange your $OSS tokens for off-chain rewards that bridge web 2 utility and entertainment.
  • Essentials Merchandise
  • Fight-wear and Accessories
  • NFT and Crypto Conference Passes
  • Hospitality Service Provider Discount Coupon
  • UFC Fight Pass Gift Cards
  • BJJ Fanatics Gift Cards
  • FloGrappling Gift Cards
  • Live Event Tickets
MMAD has already networked with hospitality and transportation service providers in a location where it is planning to organize a NFT and Crypto conference. There will be an active effort to bring as many other communities to this event. The location is crypto-friendly, where you will be able to make purchases in BTC or USDT and has already hosted an array of crypto conferences.