This is our flagship tool that we have built in order to make the solana ecosystem a much more transparent and safe opportunity for users.

Treasury Transparency Dashboard

Our first tool suite will be geared toward facilitating transparency between DAOs, communities, or any other shared treasury and it's stakeholders.

Balance Display

The dashboard will have an easy-to-follow balance display of all the tokens and NFTs that the treasury is currently holding, while conveniently pulling real-time data from an oracle to show estimated total value.

Balance Sheet / Categorized Ledger

The team will have access to call into the Solana network from the dashboard to send and request transactions while having a mandatory field to categorize the transaction and add notes. This way the community can have full transparency as to what's going on behind the scenes in regards to their funds.
Category examples include:
  • Staff Payment
  • Debt Repayment
  • Marketing
  • Development

Treasury Rankings

Users will have access to a ranking list where they will see the current treasuries' value for all the communities that decide to use this tool. We believe that this will become a new meta and be demanded in communities as a default for its utility.
We'll be adding a ranking feature, voted by the holders, for the level of transparency, communication, and trust they have with their founders.

Multi-Sig Transactions

The contract under which the treasury will be held, can have the ability to include maximum transaction amounts that require a multi-sig for execution. This is one extra layer of protection against rugs and a tool that can be used by launchpads to hold funds in escrow under automated rules without the funds ever having to leave the contract for the team to use.
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